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I'm Michael G. Chan. Photography is a passion of mine.

Since my early teens, I have always enjoyed photography, shooting with an old Exacta camera and developing my own B&W photos. Over the years I've owned various film cameras and shot photos primarily for the family scrapbook. My site, Daily Snapshots, forces me to challenge myself and allows me to express my creative side. It is my view through the lens.

I'm currently using a Canon EOS 20D Digital camera and shooting mostly with the Canon EF 24-70 f/2.8L USM lens. For filters I'm using the Hoya Haze UV(0) Pro 1 (S-HMC) Super Multi-Coated Glass Filter and Hoya Circular Polarizer (S-HMC) Super Multi-Coated Glass Filter (Thin). Photos between March 2004 - March 17,2005 were taken with the Canon EOS Digital Rebel/300D and anything earlier than March 2004 were taken with the Minolta DiMage 7.

Unless otherwise noted, most of the photos were taken within New York City and its surrounding areas.

This site is a combination of photoblogging and street photography. If you happen to like or don't like any of the photos I've taken, leave a comment. Your feedback is important to me.

Important: Please do not reproduce, modify or use any of my photos, in print, advertising, online or any other medium without my permission. The only exceptions is a link to the post or displaying the post on my site.

P.S. - One surprising little tidbit about me, Patent No. 6,602,133 tells me I'm an inventor. Wild isn't it?

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