Mystery Meat


Following Photo Friday's "2x4" extra challenge instructions, I ended up near this food cart. New York City is famous for its many ethnic foods and food carts on almost every corner. After taking several shots and walking away, the vendor of this cart came storming up to me, spatula in hand and demanded to know why I was taking pictures of his cart. He was pretty irate and wanted to know if I was the health inspector or something. I explained it was for my Web site and offered to delete the pictures. He was still upset but walked away mumbling under his breath, waving his hands that it was alright to keep them. I nodded and continued on my way. I learned a valuable lesson... stay away from photographing food carts, they're more off limits than bridges and government buildings! LOL

Photo Friday entry "2x4"

October 8, 2004 | Permalink


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