I am very passionate about photography. At times, even obsessed with it.

I have enjoyed photography since my early teens, shooting with a second-hand Exakta camera, using a second-hand light meter and developing my own B&W photos. Over the years I've owned various film cameras and have taken snapshots primarily of family vacations and occasions.

When I'd purchased my first digital SLR, the Canon EOS Digital Rebel/300D, photography took on a whole new life. I have now come full circle... Daily Snapshots is my view through the lens... these are my decisive moments.

Michael G. Chan

P.S. - One surprising little tidbit about me, Patent No. 6,602,133 tells me I'm an inventor. Wild isn't it?

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If you happen to like or even don't like any of the photos I've taken, please take the time to leave a comment. Your feedback is very important to me.

One of my photos from the Greenpoint fire was published in the book, Graffiti NYC by Hugo Martinez.

Important: Please do not reproduce, modify or use any of my photos, in print, advertising, online or any other medium without my permission. The only exceptions is a link to the post or displaying the post on my site.

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